Unspeakable Vessels

May 17th – May 24th, 2017

4-7pm Opening Panel 7-10pm Exhibition Launch Unspeakable Vessels is a new exhibit by Erik Zepka about liminal bodies and language. Through a series of game art and video pieces with biotechnical interfaces, the abstract and ambient work thinks about materialism and its relation to expression. Incomprehensible game controllers, deconstructed virtual worlds, a message that doesn't get transmitted, Unspeakable Vessels wants to ask about the physical space that new media entails. Things that create, the things that are created - what are their limits, what worlds do they invent? Organized by Karl Hohn. About: *Computational forms broken down to their material parts. Game engines deconstructed to nonfunctional states. The physical traces of virtual modalities, considering what palpable forms entail.* Unspeakable Vessels considers materials: game materials, organic materials, computational materials. The vessel: the biological and fabricated container; the unspeakable: existences that persist despite a lack of expressive delineation. Where substance dictates form and the limits of concretion undergird the possibilities of thought. *The entity in its liminal states, abstractive processes returning to their corporeal substrates. The silence of objects, what they do, how they manifest, what they can do. Possibile actions for a given world.* The disablist materialist view describes a materialism for whom any abstraction is not only secondary but continually subject to the actualities of its physical substrate. Concrete-rational modes of thought constitute an ethical basis in which to ground the excesses of idealism. In writing, art and research this consistutes an increased analytics of the substantial aspects of subject and object, including that very division itself. Who knows and creates and what are their products, anything meaningful said about this has as integral an awareness of the limitations of what is knowing and known. ---- Opening the show will be a social-curatorial piece, Silent Platforms. It consists of a panel co-curated with Karl Hohn from 4-7pm and an online exhibition at silentplatforms.xoxlabs.com. The panel will engage a conversation amongst a series of practicing artists regarding disability and aesthetic creation. These and other international artists dealing with the theme in some form will be in the online show. With particular attention to the functions of alterity in diagramming general modes of knowledge and fabrication, the discussion will focus on how liminal conditions help to shed light on what any artistic or ontological category can be. An introduction will be given after which each artist will speak followed by round table discussion with everyone present. A framing discourse will be a concept of disablist materialism, which can be used or diverged from as the panel and audience decide. Panel participants and exhibitors: Amelia Marzec, Psychic Masseuse, Karl Hohn, Erik Zepka, Ellie Dicola, Olivia Dreisinger, Jess Mac, Haruko Hirukawa, Jeremy Hight, Petra Kendall, Joseph Delappe, Dave Mosier About the Artist: Erik Zepka is a conceptual artist, researcher and writer working in the intersections of art, literature, science and philosophy. His work looks at taxonomies in relation to the things we live with and are driven to create, especially current technologies - how we order them and what roles they play socially. Materializing forms, abstracting concretions - the space between potential and matter, category and object. This malleable framework manifests as presentation, publication, curation, distribution and exhibition depending on the project. He has been exhibited and collected internationally at institutions including the Tate Modern, Videographe, the Whitney Museum, the Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts, Pikselfest, Chelsea College of Art, Nabi Museum, and the SFU Institute for the Humanities, collaborating on work with artists such as Stelarc and Pauline Oliveros.