Co-Working Residencies

The Babycastles Residency Program aims to provide a fun, collaborative workspace for game developers/designers, digital artists and experimental technolgists; a place where people can bounce ideas off each other, test and critique each others projects, or just provide a little more community than that desk in your bedroom. We are currently accepting applications for both full and partial residencies:

Residency Levels Full Residency Partial Residency 1-Day Visitor Pass
Cost $200/month $50/month $15/day
Access to space 10-6 M-F 6-10 Monday Nights for entire month, 5 days per month One full day
Free coffee and wi-fi
Large communal work room
Smaller room for quiet work, meetings, phone calls and classes
Arcade games for fun breaks
Collaborative enviornment
Proximity to Hack Manhattan and their 3D printers, soldering irons and other tools
Lunches with visiting game makers, artists and academics
Informal classes led by other residents
Access to Babycastles Members-Only Events
Discounts on Babycastles Academy Workshops
Ability to reserve the gallery for game launches / user testing
Work included in annual residency show
Promote your work on Babycastles social media / mailing list
Work-study scholarships available*

*There are a limited number of work-study scholarships, which would allow participants to offset some or all of the residency cost by volunteering for Babycastles. If this is of interest, say so in the appropriate field of the application.

**Encouraging and supporting diversity is important to Babycastles and we want to foster a positive and healthy environment to empower under-represented voices in the gaming community. We are offering a scholarship and/or reduced rates to qualified female identified (cis and trans) applicants. Your voices are important to us and to the gaming community - we want you to be heard.

If you have any questions about our residency program or would like to try it out with a free day-pass, email us at

When We Work

*Conversations are ok during quiet hours assuming they're not disturbing folks around you, we're going for a library/low-key coffeeshop vibe

How We Work in the Space

We hope to create a collaborative and productive environment for all the residents however this is not a traditional co-working space. Babycastles is still a gallery/event/arcade space and occasionally we will have visitors and lively discussions during the day. We just hope you value these opportunities to meet new people and learn new things as much as we do.

Secret Area