Algobabez, Charlie Roberts, Scorpion Mouse, Omnikrll

September 11, 2016 at 7:00 PM @ Babycastles Gallery

Night of Music

HOT ON THE HEELS OF THE LIVECODE.NYC ALGORAVE BABYCASTLES BRINGS YOU MORE OF THE ALGOBEATS YOU CRAVE GET READY TO POP IT, LOCK IT, AND OVERCLOCK IT **************************** ALGOBABEZ (UK) have been blasting eardrums with incorrigibly industrial synth-driven algo-pop since 2016. Formed of algo-regulars Shelly Knotts and Joanne Armitage, they use SuperCollider to code and control patterns of weird, wonky, noisy, thumping, danceable music. OK apart, but better together: 2 babes, 2 laptops and 1 sound. **************************** Charlie Roberts is an Assistant Professor in the School of Interactive Games and Media at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where his research explores human-centered computing in digital arts practice. He designed and developed a creative coding environment for the browser, Gibber, that he uses for both educational research and audiovisual performances. Gibber is used to teach computational media to middle school, high school and university students in locations around the world, and Charlie has performed with it at Algoraves across the US, UK and Asia. **************************** Scorpion Mouse is the unholy union between Jason Levine the livecoding scorpion, and May Cheung the squeaktastic singing mouse. Together they navigate the sonic landscape of the audio t-SNE. Always improvising, it's impossible to know where they'll start or where they end up. Only one thing is for sure: We're all gonna die. But tonight... Tonight we're rocking out to Scorpion Mouse. **************************** Omnikrll (Karl Hohn) is a musician and JavaScript developer based in Brooklyn, New York. His previous work has incorporated sound collage, tape manipulation, signal-processed guitar, and 8-bit electronics into something that kind of sounds like pop music. For this performance, Karl will be performing a short set using OLoS, an open-source Web Audio programming environment developed by Jason Sigal. **************************** Your host, Dr. Kate Sicchio is an über livecoder. She weaves code, people and dancing into tonight’s tapestry. Livecoded visuals by Ulysses Popple: Flyer by Helen Galioto: For more about livecoding, check out our friends at Livecode.NYC: **************************** 7pm Doors 7:30pm Omnikrll 8pm Scorpion Mouse 9pm Charlie Roberts 10pm Algobabez $7-$12 sliding scale No BYOB


Hosted by Karl