Babycastles Unofficial IndieCade After Party

May 1, 2016 at 8:00 PM @ Babycastles Gallery

featuring ALEA
After Party

/// Babycastles Gallery hosts it's annual Unofficial IndieCade After Party /// Featuring ALEA Free with Indiecade Pass $7 - $10 sliding scale regular entry Babycastles on 137 W 14th St. in Manhattan (off of the A, C, E, F, M, L, 1, 2, 3 trains + the N, Q, R aren’t far either!) ///////////////////////// ALEA is a game about a fake hike, a hike without getting tired or bitten by bugs and being engulfed by the sweet crisp air breathed out by our symbiotic companions, the trees. This is a game about repetition, and trusting the rhythm of the moons to both conquer the walk and witness nature. Music by Caila Thompson Palgal and Netgrind are friends and Canadians that bond over beauty, tech, nature, and psychedelia. Alea is their first project together, and was created for Fantastic Arcade 2015

$7-$10 (free with pass)