Cara Ellison: Embed With Games Book Launch Party!

November 23, 2015 at 8:00 PM @ Babycastles Gallery

! ! ! ! ! ! ! LET'S P A R T Y ! ! ! ! !
Book Release

|__________ Come join Cara Ellison for the New York launch of her first book, a travelogue of gonzo adventures staying with game developers across the world. In parts funny, sad, weird, sexy, and just plain existential, the book covers all the emotions of what it is like to be a nomad and have only the world's most interesting independent game developers for company. Arrive early for a bit of reading from the book and the chance to buy a signed copy, and later a DJ set with music from Dauragon will be followed by a set by DJ C.Ell herself with pop music torn from the pages of the Embed With Games blog series. A number of developers featured in the book including Adriaan De Jongh and Katharine Neil will also have their work on show to play. MUSIC! GAMES! TBA but they're gonna be good ; ) ||__________ More About Cara and Embed With Games: "Cara Ellison’s writing is consistently amusing, perceptive, honest, and touching. Also: it’s got games in it. Now buy this book" – Charlie Brooker In 2014 games critic Cara Ellison rather flippantly pledged to the internet she’d leave home, become itinerant, and travel around the world to live with and write about some of the most interesting game developers and their cultural outlook. As your ‘cyberpunk hair-dyed Attenborough’, originally Cara put up the Embed With Games series monthly on a free blog as she travelled from couch to couch, writing about the people she met and about the way our game creators express the culture around them. The internet generously helped fund her travel costs through a subscription service, egging her on in the only way it could. This is the collected work, called Embed With Games with an exclusive introduction from Kieron Gillen, a cover from Irene Koh, and a conclusion exclusive to the ebook.

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