Crash Report: Not Quite Closing Party! [Parsons DT x Babycastles]

December 19, 2016 at 6:00 PM @ Babycastles Gallery

The Main Reception for the Crash Report Exhibition showcasing new works of videogame art and experimental interfaces by students in Parsons Design and Technology program.
Closing Party

Crash Report showcases works of videogame art and experimental interfaces created by emerging artists and designers from Game Design Systems and The New Arcade in Parsons’ Design and Technology program. Harnessing the classic arcade aesthetic, Game Design Systems embraces the dichotomy of hope and fear in the modern age. The New Arcade draws from folk games, platform studies, and critical design as it explores the role of bespoke interfaces in mediating interactive experiences, and proposes an alternate history of the arcade: one focused on unique, expressive, and social interactions. The Crash Report Exhibition runs Dec 12 to 18, 2016 New Games and Interactive Art on display: Barnum’s: Identity Market by Griffin Keller At Barnum's, we put the personal in personality testing. Explore our market, choose between hundreds of brands, and you might just learn something about yourself in the process. Firewall by Luis Gerardo Huiza Blanco You play has a hacker tasked with retrieving information from a corrupt, brutal government. You will have to maneuver across multiple obstacles, changing gravity in order to get the information, and escape successfully. Long Journey by Li Yang A surreal experience about a boat drifting on a mysterious sea. Gate Keeper by Hasibe Erdemir A 2D platformer where you have to defeat demons with your holy sword before the walls of heaven fall down. SLAMWICH by Christina Goefron, Claire Hu, Myrto Diakaki It's a beautiful day for a picnic! You and your friends have really worked up an appetite, and there's plenty of food to be had. Too bad your friends are jerks, and are willing to steal the food off of your plate. Show them who's boss, and build the ultimate sandwich! Slamwich is a party game in which players attempt to build the ultimate sandwich - but look out, because stealing ingredients is an option, and so is slamming the table in anger. Cut & Run by Will Enders A huge monster is attacking Sword City! Can you get a big enough sword to slice that bad boy in half? Victor the Loser by Chao-Hui Tu, Chuck Chenghan Kuan, Magnus Pind Bjerre, Yumeng Wang, Max Xianghan Ma Repeat After Me by Andrew Park, Ray Kuo-Jui Hung, Pengpeng Yu, Courtney Snavely Chameleon by Tongwen Ding, Yan Hong, Jin Huang, Feiou Su Tetrachromacy by Mikei Huang, Paul Mallon, Kevin Constantino Maze Runner by Yue Lin, Miyeon Kim, Xiaomeng Tang, Seung Whan Lee

Hosted by John