Derivative Weird Games

January 6, 2016 at 7:00 PM @ Babycastles Gallery

A Temporary Collection of Referenced Works
Fun Evening

Weird, experimental games made in a class at NYU during the space of a semester as a response to influential experimental game artists' body of work GAMES: Flat Space by Jon Moormann Pippin Barr Game by Karina Popp Baby at the End of the World by Owen Bell Strangelands by Ansh Patel The Treachery of Platformers by Chris Wallace In the Snow...Goodbye Moon by Reynaldo Vargas For the Love of the Game by Alex Feigenbaum Smoke Break by Alex Duncan LifeOverTime by Blake Andrews 10 by Kailin Zhu INSPIRED BY: The Cosmic Forest by Titouan Millet Art Game by Pippin Barr Ladylike by Nina Freeman Rain, House, Eternity by Kittyhorrorshow Idleplex by John Cooney Bernband by Tom van den Boogaart


Hosted by Zara