Edible Games with Babycastles

September 18, 2016 at 2:00 PM @ Babycastles Gallery

Jenn's Edible Games Tour 2016
Chips n' Dip

TICKETS: https://miau.better.space/Event/7666/Edible_Games_with_Babycastles Join Jenn Sandercock for an afternoon of Edible Games. TRAILER ►►► https://vimeo.com/166644378 ♞⛃♣⚄ Edible games you say?! That's right! Games where one of the key gameplay mechanics involves eating! Learn weird trivia about your friends while you search a minesweeper-like board made of gingerbread in Gingerbread Friends. Keep your poker face while eating potentially gross bite-sized morcels in Taste Roulette. Attempt to join the Order of the Oven Mitt and become a Knight of the Oven Mitt. You must pass the gruelling Initiation Trial which involves eating the Sacred Squares according to the Sacred Rituals. + Digital games TBA! ♞⛃♣⚄ ⛆ $15 // Ticket + 1 Beverage ⛆

$15 + beverage, yo