April 1, 2016 at 8:00 PM @ Babycastles Gallery

w/ Abdu Ali + Special Guest
Opening Party

Celebrating the start of Arab-American Heritage Month, HABIBICASTLES is a Babycastles multimedia festival of Arab culture and lived experience via important voices in art, games, and music. HABIBICASTLES is an effort to counter-act the expectations formed by prejudice and flip the world's stigma of the Arab narrative to create a rich display of art and media. The exhibition explores a spectrum of personal themes ranging from oppression and dysphoria to pride and self-actualization. Through this expression, we assert a distinct, unyielding, and positive message: we deserve to exist here, to work here, and to be seen here. *:・゚✧ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ☆ OPENING ☆ Friday, April 1st ~ 8pm ♬ Performance by Abdu Ali ♬ https://soundcloud.com/abduali http://www.abduali.com/ + Special guest Visual Art by: ☆ Leila Abdelrazaq (http://lalaleila.com/) ☆ Marguerite Dabaie (http://mdabaie.com/) ☆ Roo Zine (http://roozine.better.space/) ☆ Iasmin Omar Ata (http://iasminomarata.com/) Games by: ✿ Mahdi Bahrami (http://www.mahdibahrami.com/) ✿ Ramsey Nasser (http://nas.sr/) ✿ Ahmed Khalifa (http://amidos-games.com/) ✿ Nuclear Fishin' (http://nuclearfishin.com/fourhorsemen/) ✿ Team Strongbox All ages Donation of $5-10 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ GALLERY HOURS: April 1st - April 9th (time TBA) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A huge thank-you to all supporters + the very hard-working friends at Babycastles. ヾ(・◇・)ノ~♪


Hosted by Joey