Jerry Paper X Babycastles w/ Dreamcrusher + SECRET

October 18, 2015 at 2:00 PM @ Babycastles Gallery

Jerry Paper Residency #3
Daytime Shenanigans

Every Sunday afternoon in October Jerry Paper performs with a headset microphone before he moves to Los Angeles in November! Each week comes with a different style of specialty nachos by the Nacho Research Center, which is the real name of an actual thing (I think). Here is the line-up for this week! +Jerry Paper \\\\\\[NY\\\\\\] \\\\\\[\\\\\\] (4:45pm) ++Dreamcrusher \\\\\\[NY\\\\\\] \\\\\\[\\\\\\] w/ Halal Cart Nachos +$5. L/1/2/3 6th Ave. Doors at 2pm. No BYOB, please. All ages. Be sure to check out the other weeks! October 4th: w/ Emily Reo + Uxvie + Yohuna/Adelyn Rose & Shrimp Scampi Nachos \\\\\\[\\\\\\] October 11th: w/ w/ Bruce Smear + Hand of God + Dougie Poole & French Onion Soup Nachos \\\\\\[\\\\\\] October 25th: w/ Nicholas Nicholas + Band Practice + gobbinjr & Sweet and Sour Chicken Nachos \\\\\\[\\\\\\]


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