Ludum Dare 34

December 11, 2015 at 6:30 PM @ Babycastles Gallery

Everyone's In!
A whole weekend

A L L ~ T H E ~ P E O P L E A L L ~ T H E ~ G A M E S [+ ••] Everyone's in for another weekend game jam! Use your favorite tools to make a game in two days! Ludum Dare takes place over the weekend: from Friday night to Sunday night. Participants vote for a week on a theme that gets announced Friday, 9 PM New York time. After that, you have 48 hours to make a game! Come to Babycastles at 6:30 PM to meet other jammers and optionally join a team. Jammers without experience are welcome! Artists, musicians and writers can team up with programmers, make a non-digital game or use the jam time to learn a new tool. [+ ••] -- Main Page -- Rules and Guide -- Tools [+ ••] Friday, 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM | Orientation Jammers sign-in, list kinds of teammates they're interested in meeting, meet other jammers, eat free snacks, get a run-down of rules Friday, 8:30 PM - 9 PM | Kick Off Watch Ludum Dare keynote on projector and live keynote, reveal theme Friday, 9 PM - Sunday, 9 PM | Jam Make game :) Saturday, 10 PM - 12 AM | Halftime TBA, a break time but jammers can continue jamming Sunday, 9 PM - 10 PM | Submission Submit to Ludum Dare website Sunday, 10 PM - 12 AM | Presentation Present games, how ever much you come up with! Open to visitors! [+ ••] Everyone is invited to the keynotes and presentations! Participants are invited to stay in the space for the entire jam, but they can also move to their own venues after the theme is announced. Sleeping and eating in the space are permitted. Please bring a sleeping bag or mat if you plan on sleeping there. There is a YMCA downstairs (we can show you how to get a trial pass) and lots of food options nearby (bagels downstairs, pizza, a taco truck, 24-hour donut pub, 24-hour 7-11 and everything else around 14th street). [+ ••] WOW RAD BUT HOW TO MAKE GAME? Non-digital games are welcome, so having pen, paper and your imagination is enough to make something! If you are interested, however, in making a digital game and don't have a tool or method to use, there is software that can be learned in a few hours. Some of the options are Twine, PuzzleScript, Scratch, Stencyl and RPG Maker. Type them into a search engine! If you want to learn how to make a controller, we have a kit called Makey Makey that turns ordinary objects into USB game controllers. [+ ••] If you have any questions about the jam or facilities, please post them!

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Hosted by Frank