One Fragmented Evening: Matches and Humid, All Too Humid

March 31, 2016 at 6:00 PM @ Babycastles Gallery

Punctum Books Party
Book Release

Come and help Dominic Pettman and S.D. Chrostowska celebrate the publication of their new books - HUMID, ALL TOO HUMID and MATCHES: A LIGHT BOOK with the wonderful Punctum Press. Both texts are dedicated to fragments, aphorisms, and the short form. In HUMID, ALL TOO HUMID, social commentator Dominic Pettman curates the overheated thoughts of his own feverish mind, in response to a world struggling with unprecedented levels of cultural climate change. The book takes the form of aphorism, witticism, maxim, axiom, dictum, quip, jape, adage, proverb, pun, precept, reflection, suggestion, observation, paraphrase, bon mot, vagary, specificky, put-on, put-off, mummery, miscellany, aside, in-front, behind, knock-knock joke, one-liner, tweet, re-tweet, truism, and not-so-truism. Known for his scholarly work on love, sex, and the (post)human condition, Pettman now assembles this collection of humoristic micro-meditations on everything from the meaning of life to the “yoghurt of human unkindness.” HUMID, ALL TOO HUMID reads as if Oscar Wilde had first written Minima Moralia, after binge-watching too many episodes of The Simpsons. +++++++++++++++++++ MATCHES takes any number of forms. Epigrams. Aphorisms. Fragments. Sayings. Dicta. Sententiae. Facetiae. Pearls of wisdom. Fractions of truth. Maxims. Definitions. Jottings. Miscellaneous musings. Meditations. Ricordi. Pensées. Ephemera. Miniatures. Sketches. Vignettes. Denkbilder. Capriccios. Tiny ‘fires without flames’ … In returning to these genres, MATCHES goes back to the drawing board of modern critique. It sets out to rekindle short-form literary-philosophical reflection, with roots in the Antiquity of Heraclitus and Hippocrates, apogee in the French moralistes (La Rochefoucauld, Pascal, Chamfort … ), and late splendour in German letters (Nietzsche, Kraus, Jünger … ). Moving from art and aesthetics to philosophies past and present, through natural and technological landscapes, beneath the constellations of politics, history and ethics, along the byways of contemporary literary culture — the slow reader with a little spare time will not fail to be struck. ++++++++++++++++++++ For more information, and to purchase copies: + ++++++++++++++++++++ Dominic Pettman is Chair of Liberal Studies, New School for Social Research, and Professor of Culture & Media, Eugene Lang College. S.D. Chrostowska teaches Humanities and Social & Political Thought at York University.