PowerPointless: An Evening of Mumblecore .PPT Presentations

May 20, 2016 at 6:30 PM @ Babycastles Gallery

Feat. Michael Anzuoni, Rebecca Beauchamp, Helen Galioto + Faviola Lopez, Jenson Leonard, Special America (Claire Donato + Jeff T. Johnson), Tim Szetela & Laura Warman
Fun Evening

What happens when you take an artistically bankrupt, maligned program like PowerPoint—which is used to make the most banal corporate and academic presentations—and detourn it? PowerPointless invites artists to create new works of art through the prism of the .PPT file. PRESENTERS: Michael Anzuoni Rebecca Beauchamp Helen Galioto + Faviola Lopez Jenson Leonard Special America (Claire Donato + Jeff T. Johnson) Tim Szetela Laura Warman BIOS: Michael Anzuoni runs Inpatient Press. Rebecca Beauchamp is a graduate of the University of Virginia & an MFA student in Sound at the Art Institute of Chicago. A composer, poet, and sculptor, she is the author of the books "P.A.B." (Hysterically Real) & Necessity of Foreplay (Gauss PDF). http://www.soundcloud.com/rebabeauchamp Helen Galioto and Fav Lopez are two emerging artists from New York City. Helen studies photography at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, and through her work creates and degrades various kinds of visual media to explore surface and artifice. Fav studies Contemporary Music and Culture & Media at The New School, and in her werk studies the affect and its exploitation and explores signal diversity. Their recent collaborations emphasize the nature of dialog, using analog and digital modes of communication. Jenson Leonard is a Pittsburgh, PA based poet, performance artist, and digital media artist. His poems have appeared in The Squawk Back, Off The Coast, and Word Riot. He is the admin of the meme page Cory in The Abyss (https://www.facebook.com/coryintheabyssmemes/), and he hopes you're ready to hang on to your tuckus. Special America (Claire Donato + Jeff T. Johnson) was an ongoing collaborative digitally mediated performance with elements of institutional critique, radical appropriation, song and dance that began in 2008 and broke up in 2015. It was provisionally re-assembled as Atelier Spatial America and was resurrected under the Super Blood Moon as Special America. It is now a precarious, flickering signal. http://www.somanytumbleweeds.com/ + http://www.jefftjohnson.com/ Tim Szetela is a Brooklyn-based designer, animator, and digital artist. His work focuses on the documentation and visualization of structures of location, language, data, and technology. http://timszetela.com/ Laura Warman is the author of How Much Does It Cost? (Cars Are Real Press), DRONE LOVE (Gauss PDF), and WILL GO FAST (Hysterically Real). She is the founder of GLASS PRESS, a publisher of art and poetry on flash drives, and a member of dadpranks, a feminist art collective. Warman has had work in shows at MOCA Cleveland, Time-Based Art Festival, Flying Object, and Open Engagement. She has chapbooks out from Inpatient Press and After Hours Ltd. Most recently, her femme future solo show “GULLS TAWN” was at General Public Collective. http://www.lauraawarman.com/


Hosted by Jono