Read Only Memories

May 30, 2016 at 8:00 PM @ Babycastles Gallery

Game of the Month Club
Skan Doesn't Know

Read Only Memories is the game of the month for May! On May 31st at 8pm, Iasmin Omar Ata will be moderating a discussion on this game. As always there will be spoilers so finish this game if you can! "Read Only Memories is a new cyberpunk adventure that will take you on a journey of puzzle-solving and exploring as you investigate the mysterious world and characters of Neo-San Francisco. Inspired by classics like Gabriel Knight and Snatcher, ROM is a retrofuturistic take on the point and click adventure genre that features a rich mature narrative and unique gameplay challenges hidden within the beautiful interactive pixel scenes. The deeper you delve into the life of your missing friend, the further you get entangled into this tale about the dark side of technology." More info: How do I play this? This game is $9.99 on Good Old Games right now. Everywhere else Ive seen online its been $19.99 not sure why. This is an all-ages event that is free and open to the public.