Resonant Structures

March 5, 2016 at 7:30 PM @ Babycastles Gallery

An Inter Space Collaboration
Fun Evening

Opening: February 19th, 7-10 pm Performances: March 5th, 8 pm Inter Space in collaboration with Babycastles is pleased to present resonant structures! Resonant Structures Artists Include: Nikki Renee Anderson, Courtney Brown, Mv Carbon, Maria Chavez, John Driscoll, TM Duplantis, Richard Garet, Jackie Gordon, Rob Hamilton + Chris Platz, Joyce Hinterding, Genevieve Hoffman,Tristan Perich, Erin Sexton, Miriam Simun + Nanu Al-Hamad, Debra Swack, Byron Westbrook, Andrea Williams, Audra Wolowiec and Zimoun. Curated by Margaret Schedel and Melissa F. Clarke Performances by: Byron Westbrook, Richard Garet, MV Carbon, Esther B and Yannick Franck, TM Duplantis, Debra Swack, Andrea Williams and John Driscoll resonant structures presents a wide range of artistic responses to our sonic environment. In addition to audio as material in itself, the works in this exhibition actively engage the participant to think about the fullness of auditory thinking. This survey includes some artists who label their work as sound art, but goes further and engages works which deal with sonic culture and the relational possibilities of sound represented in art across the disciplines. In chemistry, resonance structures describe molecules that exist simultaneously in multiple configurations. In order to notate these molecules chemists use double headed arrows to connect the molecular diagrams. Originally it was thought that in special materials electron bonds were oscillating quickly between transient states, but with the discovery of quantum mechanics, scientists understood that these extraordinary structures inhabit all forms instantaneously. The works in resonant structures similarly exist in multiple forms at the same time: as art, as sound, as memory, as inspiration. cover: Audra Wolowiec, Concrete Sound, cast concrete with pigment, 2015 facebook:

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