SCYTHE - Gods Wisdom Blunt Fang D3AD6OY lil aloe & High Card CEO Tom Cruz + Special Guest

April 29, 2016 at 8:00 PM @ Babycastles Gallery

Shawty Arabia X Surf Gang present
Night of Music

Shawty Arabia in conjunction with Surf Gang present GODS WISDOM. BLUNTFANG. D34D6OY. LIL ALOE. HIGH CARD CEO TOM CRUZ (via Skype) Underground arcane crunk cult digital icons passing the torch live to a new cadre of raw Nyc actually raised young studio assassins. A night of bars, no bars, noise, sub bass, thrag, intensity, magnitude, inclusivity, meritocracy, and heart straining bump. Gods Wisdom- post powdered wig New England late night woods creep rap Bluntfang- romantic psycho pop rebel fantasy saga hop D34DBOY- hardcore house judgement messiah Lil Aloe- Dark castle lava moat surf rap beats/ wavy 3x relevant rap dj High Card Ceo Tom Cruz veteran producer for artists like Fat Tony, Assassin, and Supreeme will be opening the show with a Skype presentation from Jamaica of some of his rawest content in a flash before your eyes Dj screw up/down. ---------------- BABYCASTLES IS located at 137 w. 14th St ALL AGES NO BYOB