Social Media Break Up Coordinator

December 5, 2015 at 10:00 AM @ Babycastles Gallery

Caroline Sinders, personal media coordinator at large
Daytime Shenanigans

Social Media Break Up Coordinator is a performance art piece by Caroline Sinders, which transforms Babycastles into a waiting room of the future for a new kind of life coaching experience. Part social media coordinator and part life coach, "Social Media Break Up Coordinator" offers a one on one session with your own personal social media expert. Caroline is holding 15 minute sessions all day from 10am-5pm, with a flat fee of $10 dollars a session. Break ups can include friendship break ups, work break ups, love break ups, etc. The coordinator creates a series of questions to provide solutions. These solutions are semi finite and are placed together to form a curated solution for the user. Services offered are: -one on one consultation per your social media needs -archiving data/information from specific users -grouping people into specific lists to organize -Facebook privacy explained -curating your posts to specific audiences -pruning your followers/followings lists -mute vs block vs unfollow -emotionally neutral phrases towards unfollowing There are all different kinds of relationships in our networked lives, and they are incredibly intertwined. Social Media Break Up Coordinator is here to help cut some of those ties, without you deleting your accounts. Think of this as the art of tidying up your social media. Link above has tickets - facebook event here:


Hosted by Lauren