v 2.0: Ennui

January 20, 2016 at 7:30 PM @ Babycastles Gallery


Vapors is a poetry and performance event structured around historical concepts of madness and its treatments. Vapors - the umbrella term for hysteria, mania, depression and other illnesses ascribed to women - also speaks to the nature of poetic performance, that it exists in a moment, that it can impact despite its ephemerality. Each reading focuses on a different symptom associated with female mental instability in the Victorian era, volume two being “Ennui”, the condition of apathy towards traditional gender roles & gendered education being pathologised & monitored. Performers from a range of literary backgrounds will explore the nature of intimacy, care and what it means to be human in the 21st century. Performers: CORNELIA BARBER lives and loves in Crown Heights, NY. She is editor at Queen Mobs Teahouse. Her poetry, essays, dialogues and short stories have been published in Prelude, The Poetry Project Newsletter, Weird-Sister, Berfrois, Imperial Matters, Lemon Hound and elsewhere. RUBY BRUNTON is a New Zealand-raised poet and performer who now lives in Brooklyn. She spends a lot of time thinking about how to create community and education alternatives. Find her on twitter & tumblr @rubybrunton CHE GOSSET is a Black trans/femme theory queen in an open relationship with academia and an in an intimate relation with ideas. They have published work in the anthologies Queer Necropolitics, Captive Genders and Trans Studies Reader volume II. MELISSA MCDANIEL is a writer and editor living in Brooklyn, New York. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Necessary Fiction, Psychopomp Magazine, Luna Station Quarterly, Be About It Press, Heavy Feather Review, and Witch Craft Mag. She is an editor at tNY.Press, and she runs GetLitNYC.tumblr.com, a guide for finding readings in NYC. She tweets at @melissamcd29. MUNA MIRE is a writer and fact checker. She has an optimist praxis and a pessimist politic, and may or may not be a Black girl from the future. KRISTIE SHOEMAKER is a 24 year old plant creature pretending to be an adult human. she writes about things that make her family uncomfortable and has been published in various places but most importantly your heart. you can read her live stream of conscious breakdown at twitter.com/1ittlepeach Invitation Image by Isabel Iris Schneider: http://www.isabelschneider.com/


Hosted by Joey