What Type of Girl?

February 4, 2016 at 7:00 PM @ Babycastles Gallery

New Comics by Aubrey Nolan
Fun Evening

Brooklyn-based illustrator/comic maker Aubrey Nolan presents What Type Of Girl? a collection of sequential work documenting both uncertainty and strength from female narrators as they find their identities. ~*~*~ The evening features DJ set by Jordan Rosenberg, and games: Dolfin Trash (Team Strongbox) Don't Go In The Old Greene House (Laura Knetzger) We Know The Devil (Aevee Bee & Mia Schwartz) Hellen and Calvin's Bogus Journey (Derek Yu, Hellen Jo, and Calvin Wong) ~*~*~ About the work: Save Your Progress? Yes/No, the long-term project of the artist, documents the dreamlike beginning, short-lived glory days, and long, gradual disintegration of an unhealthy relationship. Speech bubbles are prominently missing; instead, brief text messages loaded with tension provide insight into the lives of a couple seemingly in love. In Heather Part I, the narrator prepares to move out of an apartment she once shared, coping with her conflicted emotions by pretending to be someone else. Heather Part II follows a recurring dream the narrator has long after she has seemingly moved on from the events of Part I. Total Babe is a short comic revealing the inner monologue of a middle-school outcast.


Hosted by Lauren