Wordhack XX

February 18, 2016 at 7:00 PM @ Babycastles Gallery

Feat. Steve Lambert, HUMANBEAST, Kristin Hayter and Cassie Tarakajian
Fun Evening

WordHack is a monthly evening of performances and talks exploring the intersection of language and technology. Code poetry, digital literature, e-lit, devArt, coders interested in the creative side, writers interested in new forms writing can take, all are welcome here. We also have an OPEN PROJECTOR (like an open mic for digital work) where anyone can come up and show their work (for 5 minutes). Signup starts at 6:45, performers start at 7:15. This month we will feature talks and performances by: STEVE LAMBERT (http://visitsteve.com/) HUMANBEAST (https://www.facebook.com/Humanbeast-162383830480520/) KRISTIN HAYTER (http://kristinhayter.com/) CASSIE TARAKAJIAN (http://cassssie.com/) Host: TODD ANDERSON (http://hotwriting.net/) Lead Organizer: CLAIRE DONATO (http://somanytumbleweeds.com/) SUGGESTED DONATION $5-10 Join the WordHack Email List: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1WqcjgCk67ghz7b8UjwZVProo9gIpYFhxmAIyOeGsdFI/viewform --- PERFORMER BIOS STEVE LAMBERT strives to make art that is relevant to those outside the gallery – say, at the nearest bus stop – and reaches them in ways that are engaging and fun, but stilll critical. HIs artistic practice includes drawing, performance, intervention, culture jamming, public art, video, and internet art. He is best known for projects such as 'The New York Times Special Edition w/ the Yes Men, 'Capitalism Works For Me! True/False' and The Center for Artistic Activism. HUMANBEAST are a Providence based writing, film, sound, and performance duo comprised of RISD Digital + Media graduate, Maralie (Armstrong), and Brown University's Digital Language Art alumnus, V Manuscript (Eli Milholland). Their collaborations began 20 years ago and our combined histories include thousands of performance art, experimental music, pop, film, dance and language-based expositions in galleries, museums, alternative art spaces, basements, classrooms, and chapels spanning 47 states and 13 countries. They are organizers and publishers in the Providence underground arts community. Maralie, as Valise, concentrates on themes of movement, divination, and multimedia sleight of hand, and Humanbeast continues this exploration through noise, song and performance. As V Manuscript, Eli continues this investigation hypergraphically in the marginalia where language intersects performance and the visual arts. KRISTIN HAYTER is an interdisciplinary art person currently living and working in Providence, Rhode Island. She is a classically trained vocalist with stupid grimy fingers stuck in the DIY punk, noise, and metal scenes. Her practice utilizes/sacrifices the voice and the voicing body to address issues of violence, illness, and control. Mediated by modified/subverted technology, her work often materializes at some inexplicable intersection of text, sound, and performance. She holds a BFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and is currently pursuing her MFA in Digital Language Arts at Brown University. She continues to navigate the weird liminal purgatory of slippage where academia and the underground sort-of-but-don't-really meet. CASSIE TARAKAJIAN is an artist and technologist based in Brooklyn. Coming from a background in electrical engineering and music, she has worked professionally as a software developer before becoming an artist in residence at Pioneer Works working with games and virtual reality. Her latest project is Wikisonnet, an algorithm that generates sonnets from Wikipedia, created with Sam Tarakajian and Ana Giraldo-Wingler. She is currently an artist in residence at DBRS Labs.


Hosted by Todd