WordHack XXVII

September 15, 2016 at 7:00 PM @ Babycastles Gallery

w/ AMJC, Sal Randolph, Lam Thuy Vo & Kevin Roark

WordHack is a monthly evening of performances and talks exploring the intersection of language and technology. Code poetry, digital literature, e-lit, language games, coders interested in the creative side, writers interested in new forms writing can take, all are welcome here. We also have an OPEN PROJECTOR (like an open mic for digital work) where anyone can come up and show their work (for 5 minutes). Signup starts at 6:45, and will fill up so get here early! Performers start at 7:15. This month we will feature talks and performances by: ALEJANDRO MIGUEL JUSTINO CRAWFORD (http://amjc.tv/) SAL RANDOLPH (http://salrandolph.com/) LAM THUY VO (http://lamivo.com/) KEVIN ROARK JR. (http://www.kevinroark.com/) Host: TODD ANDERSON (http://hotwriting.net/) Lead Organizer: CLAIRE DONATO (http://somanytumbleweeds.com/) SUGGESTED DONATION $5-10 Join the WordHack Email List: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1WqcjgCk67ghz7b8UjwZVProo9gIpYFhxmAIyOeGsdFI/viewform --- PERFORMER BIOS Alejandro Miguel Justino Crawford is a writer, video artist, and game designer living in Queens, NY. http://amjc.tv/ Sal Randolph is an artist who lives in Brooklyn and works between language and action. Her recent and ongoing work includes a series of books that function as a meta-instructional artwork (The Library of Art), the performative investigation of the history of attentional practices with the research consortium ESTAR(SER), and a series of linguistic interventions in social media including a novel being written on Twitter (@driftictation). Her projects have appeared recently at Wave Pool in Cincinnati, the Asian Arts Theater in Gwangju, Korea, Le Centre Culturel de Cerisy, and at the Akademie der Kunst in Berlin. She is the co-founder of Dispersed Holdings, a listening space and publication studio in New York. New language work is in Otoliths, Queen Mob's Teahouse, the anthology Dream Closet, and forthcoming in La Vague. Lam Thuy Vo is a visual a storyteller and journalist who has an obsession with the data that social media platforms and gadgets collect of their consumers. A multi-hyphenate by choice, she works as a designer-coder-videographer-photographer-writer and tells stories using this and other kinds of data. She might be known to some for making data visualizations about her emotional recovery post-divorce (Quantified Breakup: http://quantifiedbreakup.tumblr.com/). To others she might be that person who invades people's privacy to make data-driven portraits, which she only half-ironically dubs Quantified Selfies (http://quantifiedselfie.us/). To pay rent, she reports and builds visual stories, mostly about economics, social justice issues and, occasionally, about culture. She's done this for outlets like The Wall Street Journal, NPR, Al Jazeera America. Lam is also a journalism educator and wants multimedia and interactive storytelling accessible to journalists of all backgrounds. Say "hi" to her on Twitter (@lamthuyvo). Kevin Roark Jr is a person from Louisiana. He is named after his father, Kevin Roark. He lives in New York now and works with combinations of video, sound, code, text, images, and performance. Much of the work is about dealing with a particular prickly feeling, similar to disgust. He participates actively in the collaborations Mister Shane and Carmichael Payamps. http://www.kevinroark.com/


Hosted by Claire