ShortPlayFree8 (SPF8): An International altgames Exhibition

September 10th – September 16th, 2015

Featuring games by artists worldwide, SPF8 is a spotlight on eight freeware, experimental games with peculiar voices and radically innovative styles from the “altgames” movement. Borne out of a convergence of myriad of desires to break free from different aspects of traditional games culture, these games showcase the diversity of this online scene. Described as “punk games” by artists like Zoe Quinn, these games are created by developers, artists, hobbyists from countries as far as Scotland, Russia, and even Australia. The elements these experiences share are short, free, challenge your perceptions about a game and invite interpretation. So please, take a break, spend ten minutes exploring these games, and see what you find. And maybe the SPF8 altgamesunblock will protect you from potentially damaging AAA rays.

Curated by Ansh Patel & James Earl Cox III