Slide To Expose

February 23rd – March 9th, 2017

A collaborative augmented reality installation between Nicole Ruggiero, Molly Soda and Refrakt (Berlin) The project explores digital intimacy, privacy, the concepts of life and death online, and ultimately asks how devices, particularly our phones, aid, form, and reshape our perceptions of these experiences. Visitors are invited to use their phones to scan the objects in the space, and exploring the room to find private displays of a digital consciousness. Scanning a pillow creates a text message, scanning a mug generates an email, each, together, creating a second living layer in a constant state of fragmentation and regeneration. An infinite cycle of new life and immediate death all in one space. OPENING NIGHT: February 23 6-9P GALLERY HOURS: February 23 - March 9th Saturdays 12-5pm +++ during Babycastles events