February 12th – March 19th, 2016

Chillin Island

*GALLERY IS OPEN FOR VIEWING FRIDAYS NOON - 6 PM* -- YO FIGHT MY MANS is a multimedia art show put together by Chillin Island and the Babycastles gallery space on 137 W. 14th street. Along with the sculptures, drawings, and installations on-view, there will be six nights of programming with panels, megamixxx videos, and music/hanging out. It's about: fake Rolexes, eBay, shredded currency, immigration, failed rap careers, psychedelic socks, corporate malfeasance, gentrification, poorly conceived and executed gentrification metaphors, genetically modified pet fish, suicide, change, the Ramayana, Cra-Z-Art brand colored pencils, public access television, snow, jalebi, NYC, and other shit. We will also be debuting the following videogames: "YO FIGHT MY MANS: THE GAME" by Prashast Thapan "Meat Boys" by Mikei Huang "Fuck Everything" by Lena NW "Dirtbag Game" by Frank DeMarco "Nova Alea" by Molleindustria

Curated by JOSEPHS & Dapwell

Visual and Installation Artists