March 28, 2013

Babycastles, GlitchLab, and SFMOMA presen a one-day arcade of games meant to promote relaxation, cooperation, and open-world exploration.  Hosted at SFMOMA, right down the street from the annual Game Developers Conference at Moscone Center, this pop-up experimental arcade rests at the intersection of fine art and games culture.

Everything Is Dolphins by Ray Weiss
Fireplace by Ted Martens
Guru Meditation by Ian Bogost
Marvelous Melodies of Mutazione by Douglas Wilson, Alessandro Coronas, Nils Deneken
Panoramical by Fernando Ramallo, David Kanaga, Matt Divito, Brendan Byrne
SoundSelf by Robin Arnott

Babycastles is a community committed to being a safe, respectful and positive environment -- supporting artists and guests by providing a space for free expression of all people.  Upon entry, all attendees agree to respect personal boundaries and take responsibility for their actions and experience.  

Babycastles will not tolerate language or behavior that is oppressive. We define oppressive behavior as: >> Any kind of uninvited physical contact, sexual or otherwise
>> Comments or other behaviors that are racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic, ableist, classist, ageist, or otherwise discriminatory
>> Deliberate intimidation
>> Harassing photography or recording
>> Sustained or willful disruption of events, programming, or services

A safe and respectful community is everyone's responsibility. We encourage you to make friends and look out for each other. If you see someone who might be in trouble or in need of assistance, don't hesitate to ask them if they need support or let Babycastles staff or volunteers know.

Individuals who have engaged in oppressive behaviors outside of Babycastles will be held accountable within it. Those with a history of being called out for sexual assault, abuse or other oppressive behaviors may not be permitted entry into the space.
Any member of the Babycastles staff/organization may ask you to leave at any time if your behavior makes others uncomfortable. Additionally, Babycastles is not above its own policies -- all members of Babycastles are expected to adhere to all of the above.

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photos from: Emi Spicer, Ben Grad, Krissy Rubbles, John Bruneau, Joe Perez, Stephen Clark, Lauren Gardner