December, 2009

Babycastles teams up with Handmade Music Night for the inaugural opening of a permanent indie games arcade in Brooklyn.

This opening celebrates Adam Atomic's Canabalt (AUSTIN), Ivan Safrin's Tiny Platypus Pimps (NYC), Tristan Perich's KillJet (NYC), Kyle Pulver's Jottobots (NY), and Balding's Quest: The Quest of Guy Balding by Brandon McCartin (BALTIMORE) which will be playable all night and throughout December. Cardboard lectures by the game developers! High Score Chalkboard Dress by Lara Grant! Chiptunes performance and workshop by little-scale (AU)! Show up extra early for a secret chipmusic toy soldering workshop by the Loud Objects.

Part of an official Blip Festival Pre-Party - 10% discount on Blip Festival tickets available, and a group hug ride to the Tank afterwards!

915 Wyckoff Street, L to Halsey or M to Myrtle / Wyckoff.

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photos from: Emi Spicer, Ben Grad, Krissy Rubbles, John Bruneau, Joe Perez, Stephen Clark, Lauren Gardner