Babycastles Summit @ Museum of Art & Design

August 24 — 26, 2012

“Exploring innovation in interactive media and human interaction, the collective Babycastles will host a weekend summit on interactive and immersive arcade game design, in collaboration with Keita Takahashi, game designer at Katamari Damacy in Japan.  Including workshops, lectures, interactive environments, and parties, the Babycastles Summit brings together leaders in independent arcades to explore new possibilities in how to engage, alter, and expand social structures.”

Friday, August 24th

6pm - 1am, 7th Floor

In Conversation: Keita Takahashi,
moderated by Frank Lantz (NYU Game Center / Zynga)
7pm - 9pm, Theater

including performances by Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt, Little Ruckus, Happy New Year & Sun Airway.
9pm - 1am, 7th Floor and Theater

Saturday, August 25th

1pm - 1am, 7th Floor

Japanese Shmups and the Ascension of Bodshiva
features conversations by Dave Mauro, Kurt Kalata (Hardcore Gaming 101), Jeremiah Johnson (Nullsleep), moderated by JOSEPHS
1pm - 3pm, 6th Floor

How to Babycastles
Babycastles leads a workshop on using large stuffed animals, chef knives, colorful duct tape, assorted blinking electronics, and the virus-writing windows scripting software "AutoHotkey", to turn independent software into resilient public arcades.
1pm - 3pm, Theater

Nick Fortungo
3pm - 4pm, 6th floor

The Bill Murray of Videogames
3pm - 4pm, Theater

Larping Intaimacy with the Ars Amandi Technique
A workshop on physical intimacy in larp using the Ars Amandi technique.
4pm - 6pm, 6th floor

Performance Machines in Game Space
4pm - 6pm, Theater

Artists Making Games
6pm - 8pm, 6th Floor

Designing Games for Public Spaces
features conversations by Ramiro Corbetta (Hokra), Matthew Parker (Eyebeam, Recurse), and JR Blackwell (Shelter in Place), moderated by Greg Trefry (Come Out & Play)
6pm - 8pm, Theater

including performances by the Suzans (Japan) and Peggy Wang DJ Set (Pains of Being Pure at Heart), Sweet Tooth and more TBA.
8pm - 1am, 7th Floor and Theater

Sunday, August 26th

12pm - 10pm, 7th Floor

In Conversation: Doug and Tony
1pm - 3pm, 6th Floor

Musicians Making Games
1pm - 3pm, Theater

Kaho Abe
3pm - 4pm, 6th Floor

Joe Kowalski
3pm - 4pm, Theater

Why Make Games?
features conversations by Joe Ahearn (Silent Barn, Showpaper, Clocktower), Kayin (I wanna be the guy), Nate Hill, on why they chose to make their first game, and the personal experience of making your first video game.
4pm - 6pm, Theater

Line Up TBA
5pm - 10pm, 7th Floor and Theater

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