Crash Report

December 12 — 18, 2016


Crash Report showcases works of videogame art and experimental interfaces created by emerging artists and designers from Game Design Systems and The New Arcade in Parsons’ Design and Technology program. Harnessing the classic arcade aesthetic, Game Design Systems embraces the dichotomy of hope and fear in the modern age. The New Arcade draws from folk games, platform studies, and critical design as it explores the role of bespoke interfaces in mediating interactive experiences, and proposes an alternate history of the arcade: one focused on unique, expressive, and social interactions.

Barnum’s: Identity Market by Griffin Keller
Firewall by Luis Gerardo Huiza Blanco
Long Journey by Li Yang
Gate Keeper by Hasibe Erdemir
SLAMWICH by Christina Goefron, Claire Hu, Myrto Diakaki
Cut & Run by Will Enders
Victor the Loser by Chao-Hui Tu, Chuck Chenghan Kuan, Magnus Pind Bjerre, Yumeng Wang, Max Xianghan Ma
Repeat After Me by Andrew Park, Ray Kuo-Jui Hung, Pengpeng Yu, Courtney Snavely
Chameleon by Tongwen Ding, Yan Hong, Jin Huang, Feiou Su
Tetrachromacy by Mikei Huang, Paul Mallon, Kevin Constantino
Maze Runner by Yue Lin, Miyeon Kim, Xiaomeng Tang, Seung Whan Lee

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