Glorious Trainwrecks x Babycastles

March 29 — April 15, 2018

Staged trainwrecks with empty trains used to be a spectacle for the general population. Would the world not be a better place if we brought this tradition back?

Glorious Trainwrecks X Babycastles is a salon-style event curated by and featuring many members from the Glorious Trainwrecks community. We want to showcase the wide diversity of creators that GT has been home to over the years, as well as invite anybody interested to try making a game of their own. There will be digital arcades, physical re-editions of fan-favorites, and micro game jams showing that, yes, anybody can make a trainwreck in an hour or less! The show will coincide with the release of a Glorious Trainwrecks CD compiling the games in the event, as well as a Zine. (zine is here:

Anyone can make a game and submit it to the Glorious Trainwrecks x Babycastles showcase. Deadline for submission is on March 16th "at dawn" EST. This should either be a game you have already made for Glorious Trainwrecks, or a new game for this event. More:


Who is Glorious Trainwrecks?
Glorious Trainwrecks is about bringing back the spirit of postcardware, circa 1993. It's about throwing a bunch of random crap into your game and keeping whatever sticks. About bringing back a time when you didn't care so much about "production values", as much as ripping sound samples from your favorite television shows to use in your game, or animating pictures of yourself making goofy faces on your webcam. Where every ridiculous idea you had, you would just sit down and code. When you would make up a "company name" to legitimize dorking around on the computer with your friends. It's OK if your game isn't "good" - it's better for a game to be interesting, anyway.

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