October 8 — 17, 2010

Oct. 8 2010
THE SHOWPAPER 42ND ST GALLERY ~ 217 East 42nd St, Manhattan, NY
DIRECTIONS: Subway 4/5/6/7 to Grand Central
OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, October 8th // 7p-11p

MUSIC BY: DAS RACIST djs --&-- Juan from THE BEETS solo --&-- dj International Tapes

A new gallery space featuring THE BABYCASTLES ARCADE and a rotating cast of artists, independent videogames, developers, musicians, lectures, workshops, and much more. Every two weeks the space will be transform concurrent with the release of a new issue of Showpaper, creating a link between the mobile artistic outlet of the newspaper and the physical meeting point of this gallery space and arcade.

INSTALLATIONS: Thu Tran, Paul Koneazny, Brian Dun
ARCADE CABINETS:: Andrew Ross & Tommy Coleman, Chris Mackris, Thu Tran, Sto (of Cinders Gallery), Rob Seward, Jess Osserman & Sarah Schoemann, Practical Wisdom

BABYCASTLES: A Retrospective (October 8th - 17th)
GAMES: NIDDHOG (by Messhof), CANABALT (by Adam Atomic), BIT.TRIP RUNNER by (Gaijin Games), DECEPTIVE PLATFORMER (by Nocturnal Minds), KILLJET (by Tristan Perich), ULTRA QUEST (by Marc Arenas)

BABYCASTLES: A Retrospective is an exhibition of 6 sidescrollers made in the last three years by independent game developers in New York City, Austin, TX, & California. Nidhogg (2010) by Mark Essen was commissioned by NYU Game Center for No Quarter gallery. Canabalt (2009) by Adam Atomic was an entry in Experimental Gameplay Project's Bare Minimum call for works. Deceptive Platformer (2010) by Nocturnal Minds was Best Overall Game at the NYU Global Game Jam. KILLJET (2007) by Tristan Perich was a guerilla inclusion in Kokoromi's Gamma 256 party. Bit.Trip Runner (2010) by Gaijin Games is a music game in collaboration with New York band Anamanaguchi. Ultraquest (2008) by Marc Arenas was created for the first Babycastles exhibition at Death By Audio.

THU TRAN is a nationally exhibited visual artist educated in Cleveland and now residing in Brooklyn. Thu has worked with Girltalk providing props and imagery for a 35 city tour, performed in an art sports double dutch team “Double Dutch will Take You Higher”, and had multiple art exhibitions nationwide but she is most well known as the creator and host of IFC’s “Food Party”. Showpaper has asked Thu to create an installation for the 42nd street space and true to her style it promises to be colorful, over the top and really fun.

PAUL KONEAZNY and BRIAN DUNN are longtime collaborators and good buddies. Both originally from Milwaukee, WI, Paul and Brian studied art in Cleveland and Boston, respectively, and re-unite in the gallery to present a hazy, 8-bit inspired installation of recent paintings and more.

SHOWPAPER is a free bi-weekly print-only publication which lists and promotes all-ages & DIY shows in the NYC / tri-state area. We are excited to present this pop-up gallery in Mid Town that celebrates all things DIY and showcases the underground video game scene.

BABYCASTLES is aiming to strongly influence the public perception of video games and the culture surrounding the videogame art form. There are diverse explorations of play, statement, format, enjoyment, and development of games, often unpublished and barely acknowledged even by most game enthusiasts. By presenting six consecutive 2-week exhibitions of independent video games at the center of New York, Babycastles is looking forward to showcasing international game development to a wide audience of game enthusiasts, students, press, curators, children, and especially to an audience that may never otherwise encounter the variety of activity in video game culture.

Babycastles is a community committed to being a safe, respectful and positive environment -- supporting artists and guests by providing a space for free expression of all people.  Upon entry, all attendees agree to respect personal boundaries and take responsibility for their actions and experience.  

Babycastles will not tolerate language or behavior that is oppressive. We define oppressive behavior as: >> Any kind of uninvited physical contact, sexual or otherwise
>> Comments or other behaviors that are racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic, ableist, classist, ageist, or otherwise discriminatory
>> Deliberate intimidation
>> Harassing photography or recording
>> Sustained or willful disruption of events, programming, or services

A safe and respectful community is everyone's responsibility. We encourage you to make friends and look out for each other. If you see someone who might be in trouble or in need of assistance, don't hesitate to ask them if they need support or let Babycastles staff or volunteers know.

Individuals who have engaged in oppressive behaviors outside of Babycastles will be held accountable within it. Those with a history of being called out for sexual assault, abuse or other oppressive behaviors may not be permitted entry into the space.
Any member of the Babycastles staff/organization may ask you to leave at any time if your behavior makes others uncomfortable. Additionally, Babycastles is not above its own policies -- all members of Babycastles are expected to adhere to all of the above.

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photos from: Emi Spicer, Ben Grad, Krissy Rubbles, John Bruneau, Joe Perez, Stephen Clark, Lauren Gardner