Wallpaper: An Interactive Coloring Exhibition

May 31 — June 14, 2018
The artworks in this exhibition are part of a mathematical coloring book: “Illustrating Group Theory”. The coloring book is both digital and on paper and was created as a resource to make “higher level math” more accessible.

// Algorithmic Art // Exploration Through Animation //
// Coloring Puzzles // Games //
~ Math is beautiful ~

So come color on the walls - on the wallpaper to be precise. This isn’t any wallpaper. This is wallpaper printed with THE WALLPAPER PATTERNS that represent the possible mathematical symmetry groups in the 2-dimensional plane.
What does this all mean? Your explanation will come by interacting with animated illustrations, playing geometric arcade games, and puzzling through “coloring challenges”.

// Exhibition //
Thursday May 31st - Thursday June 14th

Opening Reception
Thursday May 31st, 7-10pm

Babycastles Academy featuring: A Mathematical Coloring Workshop
Sunday June 3rd, 2-3pm (see below)

// Can’t Wait? Gotta Play with Patterns Beforehand? //
~ http://coloring-book.co/wallpaper ~

// About the Artist & Project //

Alex Berke has a dayjob as a software engineer at Google, working on Search. The night time is for artistic pursuits and hacking on side projects.
She has degrees in mathematics and computer science, but only found computer science in college by pursuing her passion for mathematical thinking. She was only aware of this passion due to all the time she spent as a kid staring at mathematical designs and playing with logic puzzles, and then having a few adults around to suggest that the concepts she loved in these images and games were what “higher level math” was all about. She feels lucky she had those resources and adults around her.
The wallpaper patterns in this exhibition, and the larger mathematical coloring book project that they are a part of (http://coloring-book.co), were produced to provide resources for others to discover the beauty of mathematics. This project intends to show that the best parts of math are not about numbers, and make those parts more accessible.

This “coloring book about math” is both digital and on paper. On paper is where the coloring is done. The digital version brings the illustrated explanations to life in interactive animations.

// Babycastles Academy featuring: A Mathematical Coloring Workshop //
Sunday June 3rd, 2-3pm

Arrive on time for an in depth exploration of mathematics.
We will lightly lecture on the mathematical study of symmetry, “debug” artworks by M.C. Escher, and produce our own wallpaper patterns in breakout coloring exercises.
Free, with materials provided.

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