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Pixels x Paper

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Pixels x Paper showcases both Bitsy games and Flatgames side by side. This show will be open from the 9th till the 19th.

The goal of the Bitsy engine was, “to make it easy to make games where you can walk around and talk to people and be somewhere.” and that could be said for Flatgames mainfesto too. Both types of games focus on visuals and narrative in a way that is accessable to people who don’t typically make or play games. The result has been games with a unique perspective made from close communities of game developers from all over the world.

At the opening, there will be a panel with NYC independent game developer Jenny Jiao Hsia, and the creator of Bitsy, Adam LeDoux. 

There will also be tunes, a large curation of games to play, zines to read, and pizza!

Flatgame works by: Ebeth, Remy Ripple, Tati Soutar, Pol Clarissou, Sweeneezy, Carol Mertz, Llaura Dreamfeel, Marek Kapolka, NPT people & Alice Casey, Kyle & Macaulay Reimergarten, Aria Xavier, Becca Rose Glowacki, Niall Moody, Jon Stone, Space Puppy, Melissa Jr., Andy Nuggy, Thairyn, Josia Roncancio, Jenny Jiao Hsia, Rosa Carbo-Mascarell, Tara Copplestone, Everest Pipkin, Spiderlili, Heather Alexis, Mark Wonnacott & Claire Morley

Bitsy works by: Dan Lance, Ebeth, Onion, Sophie Mallinson, David Mowatt, Rick Hoppmann, Becklespinax, BedWords, William John Holly III, Emma Daues, Mark Wonnacott, Ben Bruce, Cassidy Aquilino-Berg, Claire Morely, Dan Dudley, Breogán Hackett, Night Driver, heyits5AM, Em, Nenekiri, Adam Dixon, Amberle Johnson/Awesomonster, Mozz/Rose, Lenny Magner, Gaeg Melton, Leonie Zhou, Brandon Thread, JohnLee Cooper, Josie Brechner, Michael Arcadi, Sean S. LeBlanc, Red Skald, Ricasso Fiction, adam80027, Lucas Vially, tommakestuff, Connor Halford, Tati Soutar, Graven Grotto, Bitsy Discord, Sam Keeper, Hyper Structure, Thayle Edward Thomas

( Photos by @artisteve )

Earlier Event: July 26
Later Event: August 23
MASARAP: Comfort Food